Andalusite Properties and Folklore

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Andalusite Properties and Folklore

Andalusite Properties and Folklore0
Andalusite is a beneficial stone for the use in seeing different perspectives, different sides of an issue, and seeing from all viewpoints. It is also a great stone for scrying - which is the process of perceiving pictures and visions within physical objects such as clouds, wallpaper, crystal balls, ceilings etc.. (Chiastolite is a variety of andulasite.)  

This stone also helps to create balance to indulgence behavior and promotes a chivalrous attitude.  It connects to the solar plexus and heart chakra.  It is also a grounding stone as it connects to the Earth energies.  Andalusite helps with those that sway towards martyrdom because it helps one to see that self sacrifice is never required but can be chosen occasionally.  

This stone speaks to moderation of all things and is the perfect stone for balancing karmic conditions.  

Disclaimer:  Metaphysical crystal healing properties mentioned on this website are in no way to be taken as medical adivce and are for entertainment purposes only.